Welcome to the Arlington, Virginia 

 A town that oozes with cultureThis place has many tourist attractions that are worth your time. This is a county located just across the river from Washington, and thus it’s highly accessible, and it has many interesting locations that every tourist should visit.

Arlington, Virginia is a county that has a fascinating history that spawned many monuments that are high on the list of every avid tourist. The history of this county goes back to the British rule and, like many other places in East, Arlington was founded as a place that was ruled by a British noble. The original place was a plantation, but it grew into a town after it went into the hands of the USA.

The fact that the county was just across the river from the newly established capital was supposed to increase the commerce and cause a growth boom of the county, but that didn’t happen. Surrounding counties, especially Alexandria, which was a center of slave trade in the area gained more than Arlington, and that presented the issue for the said county. The primary problem that the county had was its position as it was in a middle of the struggle between counties that were for and against slavery.

Arlington County, later known as Arlington, VA gained popularity amongst tourists because Pentagon is located within it. But Pentagon isn’t the only tourist hotspot that attracts people to this small place. No, this location has many other interesting places that are worth a visit. If you are interested in those spots, then you should read through my blog articles. I was fascinated by this small county and all the wonders it contains, and you will be fascinated as well when you read through my notes.

Experience national history and local flavor when you stay, shop, dine and play in Arlington, Virginia, just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.!